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The Argus Story

In Greek mythology, Argus was Odysseus' faithful dog. He waited for his master's return to Ithaca for over a decade while most presumed Odysseus dead. He was the first to recognize the King returning from the Trojan War, even though Odysseus was disguised as a beggar to discover what was going on in his palace during his absence. It was said that as soon as Argus recognized his master, he dropped his ears and did his best to wag his tail. Having fulfilled his destiny of faith by laying his eyes upon his master once more, he released a final whimper and died.

This is the true story which inspired us to name our brand. A story which describes the special friendship between a dog and a man!

ArgusCollar started when we realized that as dog owners, we couldn't find any attractive collars for our own dogs. We were looking for fashionable and unique collars but we only found the same old fashioned ones. We just felt they were not distinguishable enough nor made our little best friends stand out. 

We didn't want to wear something on our dogs that we would never wear! So, that was when we came up with the idea of ArgusCollar! To design collars for our dogs that we could wear as bracelets, too! 

We designed stylish collars made by animal-friendly vegan leather and created matching bracelets for you so you can show off your friendship!

That's why ArgusCollar is not only for your best friend but for you as well!